Local Support Groups

** Currently due to Covid19 all support groups have been cancelled, we are running a fortnightly virtual support group on Zoom, please get in touch for further details info@hdani.org.uk or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/681521049364037/ **

HDANI host four regional support groups which meet monthly throughout the year. Groups are open to patients, carers, partners, family members, those at risk of HD or those with a loved one impacted by the disease.

While there is no strict age limit those under the age of eighteen and young adults may be interested in our youth support programme. Each group last for 2 hours and is facilitated by a support worker who keeps members up to date with our work, events and services and also acts as a point of information, practical and emotional support for members.

Each support group has in the past and may do so in the future, incorporated a group counselling element with a trained, accredited counsellor leading an hour-long session on a range of topics relevant to patients and carers. The groups are a chance to meet and learn from other people affected by HD and benefit from professional support all in an informal, non-judgemental space over a cuppa. Where possible we invite in guests to share learning on topics relevant to the group for example benefits, rights, health and wellbeing while also providing carers and patients an opportunity to share their knowledge of HD and its impact on families with the aim of improving understanding and improving practice.

Call: 077 3393 5863
Email: zelie@hdani.org.uk