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Ashley Clarke

Sessional, Youth, Awareness & Fundraising Officer

Ashley has been an active volunteer with HDANI for over ten years, at youth events, various fundraisers, and a trustee. She has a personal connection with the disease and lives with the risk of inheriting HD through her dad who has sadly since passed away. She is a tireless advocate for young carers in particular and raises awareness of HD at every opportunity.

Ashley joined HDANI as Events and Fundraising Officer in January 2019 through a sponsored internship funded by the Rank Foundation and was appointed as a permanent member of staff in 2021 as our Youth, Awareness & Fundraising Officer. Ashley has since moved on to pursue other work related to her degree but continues to help out on a sessional basis alongside her role as a HDYO global ambassador.

Mobile phone: 07810330949
Twitter: @AwarenessHdani