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Amy Spence


Hi everyone, I’m Amy Spence, nice to e-meet you all! To give you a little insight into me here’s some key points. I’m a 28-year-old personal assistant living in Larne (no insults please) with my fiancée who I’m marrying next year. Eeep. HD entered my family back In 1994 when my Granda was diagnosed. My family found out about this in 2012/2013 and did all we can to learn more about the disease. As I lived with my grandparents I became a key carer for my Granda who unfortunately lost his life to HD in June 2017. My Granda had two children – my Mum who tested negative and my Uncle who is yet to be tested. By becoming a trustee I hope to achieve three main goals: continue gaining knowledge of the disease; help to improve the charity and its resources by raising awareness and being creative; support the current and future members the best I can. Lastly, I would like to thank the board for welcoming me and giving me the opportunity to be a wonderful trustee, I hope I can serve you all well!