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Molly Gracey


Molly joined the HDANI board as a trustee in May 2024. Molly is a PhD researcher at the University of Birmingham researching Parkinson's disease, a closely related neurodegenerative condition to Huntington's. She has a Master's degree in pharmacology from the University of Manchester. She is also an ambassador for the Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation (HDYO).

We asked Molly to tell a bit about herself. "I am passionate about research into neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Huntington's because my mum and lots of my extended family suffer from this condition. I am currently untested and happy with this decision. I am an HDYO ambassador and was lucky to have received a scholarship to attend the HDYO congress in Glasgow in 2023. Additionally, I have done a number of interviews (both written and videos) on my personal and scientific experiences with Huntington's. I also ran an event to spread awareness of Huntington's during Huntington's awareness month in May 2023 at Birmingham's ThinkTank Children's Museum, in their 'Meet an Expert' event. I would like to help the board with making research opportunities more readily available in Northern Ireland, such as Enroll-HD, the world's largest observational study for Huntington's.